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Nice job this week guys! Keep up the good work
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About the guild
Twitter @punkfanda for guild updates and raid info throughout the week.

The guild was founded several years ago. Players, both experienced and new to the game, are welcome to join the guild. The guild is focused on raiding, leveling, and lightly on PvP.
Members are encouraged to form their own groups and join together to accomplish achievements.  There are guild run events from time to time.  It is often asked, 'are you casual or hardcore?' The only real response to this that Hexonyx is both or neither!  We have casual raid teams and serious progression teams. You are welcome to come level with your  friends and family, talk, and enjoy the game, I'd say pretty casual. If a member makes a commitment to raid then the raid group can meet the level of commitment given. The rest of the raid party relies on you.. if that's hardcore. 


Welcome new raiders!  

We maintain a Heroic->Mythic raid team and several 10-30 player normal/heroic raid groups. There are daytime raid groups as well as evening. If raiding is something you are interested in please put in an application on this website or contact Punkfanda, Pansophist, Pyrey, or Painmed in-game to discuss dynamics and time frames. Make sure you also check the calendar each week as we will be posting raid dates and times there on a weekly basis.


Group runs!

Daily, weekly, and pickup group runs are encouraged and can be easily organized. There are players within the group ready and willing to do group runs in their free time. Contact Punkfanda, Hebeontop, or any officer if you have specific group runs in mind that you would like us to add to the guild calendar.


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